Volume 1: pictures of the book 

Ellen Solis
Ellen Solis

As we are celebrating the release of volume 1 Kingdom of the Opramists: the awakening, here are some pictures of the book from different angles, as well as a sneak preview of the pages inside.

Chibi Cassandra painting

Illustrated story

Over a hundred illustrations and decorations throughout the pages in order to:


A5 book format

Cassandra is living a peaceful life with her grandmother, until the day she hears a call. She decides to follow it and discovers a mysterious necklace. Much more than just a simple piece of jewellery, it is actually an Opram stone, an object of fantastic power.

Little by little, she realises that her life is a lie. Determined to discover the truth about her existence, she succeeds in opening a frontier between two worlds. A door leading to the unknown then appears before her.

The Kingdom of Crystala’Opram.
A place protected by Opramists, chosen ones with exceptional powers.

Ready to do anything to find her place in this world, her adventure is just beginning.