The book


Kingdom of the Opramists

The awakening

Author: Ellen Solis | Genre: Fantasy | Audience: Young adults | Volume number: 1 | Status: Published

What if one day, a door spawned right in front of you?
Would you open it or ignore it?

One Door. One choice.
One fate?

Cassandra has decided to open it.


A5 book format

Cassandra is living a peaceful life with her grandmother, until the day she hears a call. She decides to follow it and discovers a mysterious necklace. Much more than just a simple piece of jewellery, it is actually an Opram stone, an object of fantastic power.

Little by little, she realises that her life is a lie. Determined to discover the truth about her existence, she succeeds in opening a frontier between two worlds. A door leading to the unknown then appears before her.

The Kingdom of Crystala’Opram.
A place protected by Opramists, chosen ones with exceptional powers. Ready to do anything to find her place in this world, her adventure is just beginning.

The universe

Fantasy City: Kingdom of Crystala'Opram

The world

The universe of the book takes place in the Kingdom of Crystala’Opram.

This is the only world that has not been abandoned by the heavens, the only world that still enjoys the protection of the divine.

This is made possible by the gifts bequeathed to them by their Creator God.

These gifts are none other than the:

The gift of Opramist

When this world was created, the divine gave the most deserving a chance to gain a glimpse of its mystical power. Each of the Opram Stones holds a fragment of divine essence and contains fascinating powers.

However, few people are able to harness the power of these gems. To be able to activate them, you need to meet five prerequisites:

  • physical resistance
  • emancipation of the spirit
  • sensitivity to Celestial Grace
  • sublimity of soul
  • purity of heart

Those gifted with such a talent are destined to protect the Kingdom with the fantastic powers entrusted to them.

They are called:


Avatar Cassandra


At the age of 18, she pretends to be a child in order to receive clemency from the army. Danger doesn’t scare her, and that’s the problem!

Avatar Cassandra


A talented Opramist with a strong sense of justice, he soon becomes Cassandra’s friend, taking her under his wing.

Avatar Cassandra


A simple soldier, he nevertheless shows great skill with the sword. A friend of Kadjin, he is drawn into Cassandra’s adventures in spite of himself.

Avatar Cassandra


He’s a nydo, the most dangerous species in the Kingdom. Everyone knows never to go near a nydo. But Cassandra has trouble following the rules…

Avatar Cassandra


The best Opramist in the Kingdom, he leads the army’s most prestigious guard. He shows no mercy to Cassandra.

Avatar Cassandra


An excellent Opramist, she has risen through the ranks thanks to her ruthlessness. This warrior hates Cassandra. And just as well, the hatred is mutual!

Avatar Cassandra


A high-ranking opramist, he owes his rise to his father, as he comes from a prestigious noble caste. Cassandra is charmed by his elegance, but becoming his friend is no easy task.

Avatar Cassandra

Master Chenty

As an army leader, he is extremely strict. Suspicious, he sees Cassandra as a threat. As for her, she sees him as a vulture.

Avatar Cassandra


Assistant to Master Chenty. Discreet, you don’t often hear him, except when he’s dropping his piles of files.

Avatar Cassandra


Servant and very polite, he is chosen to become Cassandra’s valet. He does his best to fulfill Cassandra’s wishes.

Avatar Cassandra


She hates people but loves adventures. In fact, she’s written a long list of survival rules for Cassandra to follow.

Avatar Cassandra

Red Demon

He works for a technological organisation in the Kingdom. An eccentric and rebellious individual, he has no qualms about defying the army to achieve his goals.


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