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E-mmersive Book

E-mmersive Book


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2 years ago

Hi! It’s almost the weekend! We’ve been working a lot these past weeks. We are making great progress on the book. 📖We should soon be able to start the next step with beta readers. 🧐Have a nice weekend and see you soon! #fantasy #fantasyart #fantasybooks #fantasyworld #auhtor #books #booklover #writers #magic #motivationalquotes #inspirational #friday #frenchie #nightsky See MoreSee Less
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2 years ago

Hi! Let’s start this new week with a short video. This is the title screen of the app. Have a nice day and see you! 😄🙋#fantasy #animegirl #mangaart #booklover #fantasyart #fantasybooks #mangagirl #bookaholic #booklove #mobilegames See MoreSee Less
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The project

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Updating the website: Kingdom of Crystala’Opram

Hi everyone! As we are making progress on the first book, we decided to update the dedicated website. You can know have a look at the main characters of the story on the main page, and on the book page. Furthermore, we added some more details about the book. And you can now download the…

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Development updates

Hi everyone! We have not been very active lately. 😥 However, we did make some progress. You will find below a video showing the current development of the app. This is just a short preview of the menu, there is still a lot of work to do, so do not be afraid! We hope that…

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